The Cinematics Club

A YA Noir Novel by Renee Windman

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Inside the club

Life is NOT a movie…until the new blue-eyed boy at school walks into your film club.
Set in 1985, the first book in a trilogy is a YA Noir for teens (and adults who love the 80s). Mixing teen first love with cool, cutting edge style and suspense, the story comes to life through the fashion, movies, and music of the period.
Sophie Alexander, a 16-year-old girl in the Los Angeles suburbs, starts a filmmaking club with her friends at Noble High. Everyday life for her—high school and a part-time box office job at La Luna movie theater—changes when the new boy at school joins the Cinematics Club. While making their spy movie, Sophie is drawn into unravelling the secret of a mysterious, WWII film reel found at La Luna.
The search for the truth will lead Sophie and her friends into a dangerous mission on the most anticipated night of the year—the Noble High Halloween dance. She will be challenged to confront painful family history. Will she rise to uncover the truth and is the new boy she falls for what he really seems? The world of imagination and life collide in this tale, filled with twists and turns, of how a group of friends can be the heroes of their own story.

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About the author

Renee Windman, born in the City of Angels, is a visual storyteller. She is an award-winning art director and designer skilled in creating brands. Drawing from her love of movies, music, art, architecture, and Los Angeles, she brings her immersive style of vivid storytelling. The Cinematics Club is her debut novel.

the artwork

The illustrations, book, and cover design were created by Renee Windman. Stock images: iStock, Pexels, and Unsplash.

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